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    with 4imprint
    15 years.

    Making a difference, one by one®.

    Each business day, through our one by one® program, we donate $500 in promotional
      products to an organization that is making a difference – we delivered more than $128,000
         in grants last year alone! The organizations use promo items to raise awareness, recruit
          volunteers, thank donors, or offer comfort to those in need.
          Their stories are truly inspiring.

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  • Project Night Night

    Project Night Night is a nationwide nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, California. It exists to deliver Night Night packages to homeless children in the United States, each of which contains a blanket, a book and a stuffed animal.

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  • Questions about how it works?

    4imprint’s one by one® charitable program is based on our company’s culture and our team members’ belief that you are important and the work you do makes this world a better place. You’re one organization, but your impact is immeasurable and vast. We want to help you make that difference.

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  • Wings of Phoenix Association

    In 2001, the Wings of Phoenix Association took flight to provide brain injury rehabilitation to individuals and their families who are otherwise unable to access treatment due to financial limitations. Service offerings include individual and family counseling, group psychotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and in-home services/life skills support.

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Making a difference every business day, One by One - A 4imprint Registered Trademark.

one by one® is our way of giving back. Our way of making sure that every day we do something — even if it’s just one thing — to help make the world a better place. It’s a program that reflects our culture and our philosophy. A culture that recognizes that each one of us has a special contribution to make and a philosophy that success is rarely built through bold moves and broad strokes. It’s achieved through many small successes each layered one over the other.

That's the spirit of one by one®.

Each business day we give a worthy organization $500 in promotional products to spread the word, recruit volunteers, thank donors, offer comfort to someone in need, or in some other way turn one thing into something much more.

If you are employed by, or serve on the Board of Directors of a 501(c)3 charity, religious organization or accredited school, and are working hard to make a difference in your community, we want to help.

One by One - A 4imprint Registered Trademark

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