The VOBOC Foundation, Recipient

Providing young cancer patients with custom water bottles to stay hydrated A strong, bright orange lion: this is what adolescents and young adults with cancer see on the VOBOC Foundation backpacks they receive on their first day of treatment. The lion represents the courage young cancer patients need during their journey. The backpacks are filled with tools and resources to help patients navigate their cancer journey, plus custom water bottles and lunch cooler bags so they can keep nutritious food and drinks on hand. The many items that VOBOC provides to welcome patients have a huge impact on their journey. A warm welcome Research says that people absorb everything they see and hear on the first day of a new experience. The VOBOC Foundation wants their patients to remember the warm welcome they receive. Doreen Edward, founder of the VOBOC Foundation, said a cancer patient’s experience on the first day of therapy drastically impacts their cancer journey. “Eighty percent of patients in the care system state not having their psychological needs met. We intend to change this. Welcoming young patients and connecting with them from day one helps build a relationship where they’ll more likely feel safe to seek resources, fight isolation and be engaged throughout their journey,” Edward said. VOBOC has helped more than 3,200 cancer patients ages 13 to 29 years old in the Montreal area. The organization customizes each backpack to include items such as pajamas, socks, caps, lunch cooler bags, custom water bottles, makeup and much more. Edward and her team want to provide patients with practical items that they need so that they can focus on treatment and therapy. Items with a purpose VOBOC Foundation chooses the items in the backpack with purpose. Staying hydrated and getting proper nutrition are essential for patients receiving cancer treatment. That’s why the organization chose to use its one by one grant to purchase Tritan Flip-Top Sport Bottles and Undercover Lunch Coolers. The VOBOC Foundation is extremely proud and passionate about making a big difference in patients’ lives. The gifts and tools it provides support and set patients up for success. “We would not be able to impact our patients’ journeys alone, without the help of entities like 4imprint who have been very sensitive to our budget and needs as a nonprofit.” Edward said.

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