Trenton Military Family Resource Centre, Recipient

Military members around the world play an invaluable role in the safety and security of their country. And that very important job often means they need to uproot their family to join fellow personnel on base. The Trenton Military Family Resource Centre was established to enhance the quality of life of the soldiers as well as their loved ones. By organizing an annual community event where military families receive welcome kits that include Slant Sportpack backpack giveaways filled with Bubbles, Sunglasses and helpful information, the Trenton MFRC creates a supportive and collaborative community. Every year, the Trenton MFRC sees familiar faces leave the area for a military destination and also welcomes hundreds of new families who have been assigned to the region. Relocating and recreating a life every couple of years can affect the morale of military personnel and their families. That’s why the not-for-profit organization works to make everyone feel at home. “We organize many events throughout the year for members of the community of all ages.” Amy LeGresley, special events coordinator, explained. “From youth education events for kids to second-language training for adults, we do a little bit of everything for everyone.” By listening to the people in the community, LeGresley and her team learn about families’ needs and challenges. The organization helps new families settle in by providing information about the region and referring them to other local organizations. LeGresley’s department organizes 5 to 10 events per year, including a party that features petting zoos, face painting, stage demonstrations and more. In 2019, about 1,230 people attended their events. Thanks to a one by one® grant, each family received a welcome kit. “The welcome kits included a backpack, a reusable water bottle and sunglasses. It enabled us to give a great first impression and invite people to connect with us should they need any type of support.” LeGresley said.

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