Oak Bay Volunteer Services Society, Recipient

Community. It is such a small word to describe the power it can have on people. The municipality of Oak Bay, the smallest community within Victoria, British Columbia, is home to more than 200 volunteers who care for others through the Oak Bay Volunteer Services Society. They gift their time, skills and knowledge to make their community a place where everyone feels supported. To show appreciation for all their volunteers do, the organization used a 4imprint one by one® grant to purchase Basic Colour Steel Tumbler thank-you mugs. Caring for people who care Since 1977, the Oak Bay Volunteer Services Society (OBVSS) has offered free non-medical services for anyone who needs support because of mental or physical challenges or struggles due to income. “Our volunteers work hard to ensure that no one in this community suffers from isolation. Most of our clientele is 50 to 65+ years old, seniors who still live in their own home. But we can assist anyone,” said Renee Lorme-Gulbrandsen, executive director of the association. She explained that her team of four staff members and 200 volunteers offer free services to more than 550 residents. Whether they’re providing drives to appointments, companionship visits at home, small repairs or gardening help, the range of services is wide. The coordinators enjoy doing some matchmaking between residents and volunteers to create real long-lasting connections. OBVSS takes great pride in its volunteers. So it made sense to show appreciation for them through the one by one grant. “Every December, we organize this big holiday party to celebrate the amazing work our volunteers do during the year,” she said. “With the grant, we decided to gift a thank-you mug to each one of our volunteers to treat them for their help.” A gift that brought attention One volunteer made sure to tell Lorme-Gulbrandsen how much she enjoyed the gift. She loves to play bridge, and her new group has one rule: Players need to have a mug with a lid on it. She couldn’t have been happier with this new thank-you mug representing her support and care for the community.

For more information about Oak Bay Volunteer Services Society, please visit https://oakbayvolunteers.org/?mkid=C01OF1OB042021&ch=inf opens in new window