Appleton Education Foundation, Recipient

Almost 25 years ago, community members in Appleton decided to enhance the quality of local education without relying only on tax dollars. So, the Appleton Education Foundation was born. To achieve educational excellence, the organization awards grants for creative teaching and learning opportunities that aren’t normally funded by public resources. They also hand out gifts, ranging from sticky notes to hand sanitizer giveaways. For example, when all Appleton students were learning virtually this past fall, one elementary school wanted to bring their community together—from educators to students to parents. The Appleton Education Foundation awarded the school a grant to buy a pumpkin for each family. Teachers had the student(s) in each family name the pumpkin, decorate it and write a song or story. At their weekly pick-up/drop-off drive-thru to exchange materials, the pumpkins were put on display for a socially distanced parade. This learning activity helped bring that school’s community together in a difficult time. Allowing an in-person fundraiser to carry-on The Appleton Education Foundation’s annual summer golf outing is one of the primary ways the organization raises funds. This year, the fundraiser’s fate teetered on whether leadership felt the event would be safe. After much deliberation, they decided that with certain adjustments, the outdoor golf outing would go on in 2020. One of those adjustments involved providing hand sanitizer for every attendee. But the group quickly ran into a problem—finding enough individual hand sanitizers. That’s when 4imprint’s one by one grant came to the rescue. Through the grant, the foundation ordered enough hand sanitizer giveaways—similar to the Ultra Hand Sanitizer Spray—to use at the socially distanced event. Organizers equipped every golf cart and food and registration station with hand sanitizer. “People were very happy to have the individual hand sanitizers. It was a big hit,” Development & Communications Coordinator Lori Kaufman said. “We received tons of compliments thanking us and our volunteers for making changes to improve golfer safety. We definitely appreciate 4imprint’s support to make that possible.”

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