Lynn Brown Inspires Young CEOs and Leaders of Tomorrow, Recipient

High school student Tyra loves whipping up delicious meals for people, from small private parties to huge events. But while it’s one thing to do what you enjoy as a hobby, it’s quite another to make money off of it as a business. A few years ago, Tyra attended a summer camp to learn how to launch her own business. CEO Norma Brown, a retired teacher, heads the free two-week camp, showing youth how to turn their passion into an actionable business plan. The dozens of youth who attend each year get junior portfolio gifts, so they’re able to present themselves as serious entrepreneurs. Paving the way to financial freedom young entrepreneur writing in junior portfolio while collaborating with group on computerHelping underserved kids in grades 4-12 and young adults aged 17-25 start their own business, Brown began the nonprofit Lynn Brown Inspires Young CEOs and Leaders of Tomorrow. With multiple entrepreneurship, leadership and mentorship programs, the organization shows youth how to use their passion to make money and run a business. A few years ago, Tyra attended the two-week Young Entrepreneurship Summer Camp. At the end of camp, students present their business plan to a panel of judges, much like television’s Shark Tank®. To build on the excitement, the local media broadcasted these innovative business plans to the community. While attendees leave camp feeling energized, Brown knows the excitement could fizzle out once camp is over. So she holds monthly meetings to offer practical support. She also wants each youth attending camp to feel like a real businessperson. Using a 4imprint® one by one grant, Brown ordered junior portfolio gifts for the budding entrepreneurs. Since Tyra attended Brown’s first-ever summer camp, she has launched her business as a personal chef. She’s gone on to win multiple awards and has even been featured on TV cooking shows. Now a junior in high school, Tyra is the president of Lynn Brown Inspires, working to help other kids like her become successful business owners. “We work to plant the seeds of ownership and leadership early, so our African-American youth are able to achieve financial freedom now and in the future. This independence and leadership will not only benefit them and their families, but it’ll also benefit the community, the state and the entire society,” Brown said.

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