Make a Miracle, Recipient

A few years ago, Basilia, then 17, faced living on the street with no home, no job, and no way of receiving higher education. Today, the 24-year-old lives in a home with her parents and works as a physical therapist. The fact that she—and her two sisters—graduated from college would’ve seemed nothing short of a miracle seven years ago. That is, until Make a Miracle came to the rescue. Thanks to a scholarship from the nonprofit, Basilia is now providing a bright future for herself and her family. Make a Miracle could not help youth like Basilia without generous support. To say thank you to the donors who make these scholarships possible, staff handed out colorful cup giveaways that remind supporters of the organization’s good work. Breaking the cycle of povertyTwo adults clinking their branded cups together. Make a Miracle co-founder Carolyn Canouse was on a trip to Peru when she heard about Basilia. At the time, Basilia and her sisters lived in an orphanage because their parents were unable to care for them. When Basilia aged out of the system, she wanted to go to college but had no funds. Someone told Canouse about Basilia’s situation and asked if she would fund Basilia’s education. Canouse was thrilled to help—and Make a Miracle was born. Make a Miracle has broken the cycle of poverty for 90 young people in Peru through its scholarship program. Armed with hope after graduation, these young people give back to their communities, from working with special-needs kids to building houses. In fact, these young people have worked with Make a Miracle to build more than 90 houses for families in need. It’s life-changing for parents who go from raising their children in a house built with tarps and old signs to moving into a safe home. H2: Fun gifts to show heartfelt appreciation To help fulfill its mission, Make a Miracle holds an annual fundraising gala. This year, the gala had a vibrant 70s theme. To show their appreciation, Make a Miracle staff wanted to give a useful gift that supporters could take home with them. Thanks to 4imprint’s one by one® grant program, Make a Miracle received colorful confetti cup that change color when filled with ice-cold liquid—a perfect match to the theme. “The confetti cups were bright and cheery and perfect. They were just what everyone needed after a rough year of 2020. And during this gala, we doubled the amount we raised last year. We’re so thankful we’re able to thank our fantastic supporters with this great souvenir that’ll remind them, every time they use it, about our outreach in Peru,” Canouse said.

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