My Very Own Blanket, Recipient

A fourth-grade boy named Joey was looking forward to the end of the school day. He liked riding the bus home and being with his friends. But today, after the bell rang, the teacher asked if he would come to the principal’s office. Once there, Joey found out he wouldn’t be going home today, but would be leaving to go live with a new family. That scenario is how many children enter foster care. Volunteers for My Very Own Blanket are dedicated to comforting children like Joey with a handmade blanket. And with tote bag giveaways, founder and CEO Jessica Rudolph can thank volunteers for the care and love they provide. One blanket, lasting comfortWoman holding water bottle and branded tote bag. Shelves filled with brightly colored blankets are in the background. Often, children in foster care feel they’re not lovable or they’ve done something wrong. When these children receive a handmade blanket, it’s something tangible they can hang on to that provides a sense of security and belonging, especially because so many of them have very few things to call their own. Each blanket is handmade with love—whether it’s from a volunteer who knits, crochets or sews, or from someone who uses a no-sew blanket kit provided by My Very Own Blanket. When volunteers make the blanket, they’re encouraged to write a special note on the tag. Phrases like “You’re amazing” and “You are loved” help lift recipients up and make them feel good about themselves. The tag is designed so the child can write their name on it, which brings a sense of permanency back into their lives. The child’s signed name also lets the adults know it’s important the blanket stays with the child as they move, as things tend to get lost during transitions. Showing gratitude to “Blanket Angels” The wonderful volunteers who make these blankets are called “Blanket Angels,” and they have touched countless little lives. To show her gratitude, Rudolph wanted to gift these volunteers a little something back. With the 4imprint one by one® grant, Rudolph was able to order branded tote bag giveaways. “The tote bags are neat because I can hand them to volunteers with our no-sew blanket kits inside. The volunteers make the blankets and get to keep their bag,” Rudolph said.

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