Crime Stoppers of Columbia County, Recipient

Imagine if you witnessed a crime and the person who committed it hasn’t been caught. You’re probably nervous about reporting what you know because of possible repercussions from the criminal. That’s the reality many witnesses face. Crime Stoppers of Columbia County mitigates crime by allowing people to report information anonymously. And with keychain giveaways that provide the public with Crime Stoppers’ tip line and website, countless more people can provide information about crimes they’ve witnessed. Making communities safer—one call at a timeWoman holding container of keychain giveaways. Crime Stoppers brings together the public, media and police to mitigate crime. The organization consists of an all-volunteer board of directors, from local business owners to everyday citizens. The board meets monthly to evaluate arrests and determine the size of rewards—up to $1,000—for information. When a caller contacts Crime Stoppers, they aren’t asked for any identifying information. Conversations aren’t recorded, and caller ID is not provided. If the person who committed the crime is caught, the reward is privately distributed to each caller who provided information that led to the arrest. Easily reaching countless citizens Crime Stoppers has a booth at Columbia County’s annual nine-day long fair. Members of the board sign up to work shifts, talk with people, and pass out materials to spread awareness. The goal is to let the public know they can provide information about a crime without being identified. “Every year, we try to get a promo product that draws attention. We hand this item out at the fair and other events to reach as many people as possible. Thanks to the 4imprint one by one® grant, we were able to get keychain giveaways imprinted with our logo, tip line number and website. We are so grateful for the grant and how it’s helped us get our message across to the community,” said Cindy Innocenti, Chairperson of Crime Stoppers.

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