Bloom Empowerment, Recipient

Quitting her job because of a bad boss. Leaving a toxic friendship. Feeling helpless. And on top of that, raising her kids as a single mother. That was the situation Jacqueline Fernandez was in. But her story doesn’t end there. After getting back on her feet, she was determined to empower other women working through the challenges of single motherhood. That’s when Jacqueline founded Bloom Empowerment, a nonprofit organization that provides support for single mothers and struggling families. And with gifts for the board of directors, Ms. Fernandez is able to give back to the people who help make Bloom Empowerment possible. Tailoring support for every family Based in New Jersey and working to expand to other states and countries, Bloom Empowerment helps single mothers who are struggling to raise their families. Bloom Empowerment also provides basic resources for families in need of food, clothing, and help to pay bills. When it comes to supporting families, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Bloom Empowerment offers support with everything from school supplies and winter coats to finding affordable housing. One young mother with several small children found herself in need of help after becoming widowed. Even though she was employed, providing for her family was difficult. She and her family were also in need of emotional and mental support. That’s when Bloom Empowerment stepped in. Not only did this young mother get food assistance, but she also received help affording a streaming subscription, so she and her kids could relax and watch shows like any other family. Recently, Bloom Empowerment’s support came full circle—this young mother found success and donated back. Useful giveaways thank board members Every year, Bloom Empowerment hosts a Mother’s Day event, where the women supported by Bloom Empowerment are treated to a beautiful brunch and lovely gifts. Bloom Empowerment’s board of directors is largely responsible for creating this unforgettable event every year. Ms. Fernandez wanted to give back to the board members with a useful gift. Thanks to the 4imprint one by one® grant, she was able to order hoodies as thank-you gifts for the board of directors “Our board of directors are crucial to Bloom Empowerment’s success. They work hard to help make sure we can assist as many mothers and families as possible. With the one by one® grant, we’re able to give back to our board members with a tangible giveaway they can use,” says Sandra Walker, Business Manager at Bloom Empowerment.

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