Pendleton Place, Recipient

One month away from her 18th birthday, Jane was almost a legal adult, but lived in an unsafe home. She was too old to enter the foster care system, yet had no support to live life on her own. Pendleton Place, an organization that helps protect, equip, heal and strengthen children and youth, welcomed her into their emergency youth shelter and helped make sure she graduated high school. The staff at Pendleton Place are the reason countless youth like Jane have had their lives forever changed. Tumbler giveaways are used to thank these amazing staff members for their significant work. Powerfully impacting struggling children and youthWoman wearing glasses is holding a turquoise metallic tumbler imprinted with a logo. With programs for children and families experiencing foster care as well as programs for homeless youth, including shelters and housing, Pendleton Place is changing childhoods, fortifying families and restoring resiliency for youth affected by abuse, trauma and homelessness. Some of the services offered by Pendleton Place include: *An emergency homeless shelter for youth aged 12-21 *A youth outreach program that provides drop-in day services like free Wi-Fi, washing machines and dryers, food, showers and more *Medical and mental health evaluations for children entering foster care *A kinship caregiver support group *Family mediation *Foster care services *Pendleton Place also reinvested $150,000 directly into housing to help youth struggling with homelessness. One of Pendleton Place’s programs is a shelter for young people like Jane—with one wing housing youth younger than 18 years of age and the other wing housing people aged 18-21. When Jane turned 18, she moved from the youth wing into the young adult wing. Two months later, she graduated high school and celebrated with her newfound friends and her first ever taco party. Jane is now doing great. She has since moved into transitional housing, is employed and is pursuing college. Children and young people like Jane are who Pendleton Place staff live for each day. And thus, Annie Maertens, Executive Director at Pendleton Place, wanted to give the team heartfelt appreciation gifts. Tumbler giveaways make beautiful, functional thank-you gifts Thanks to the 4imprint one by one® grant, Maertens was able to order turquoise metallic tumblers imprinted with the Pendleton Place logo. Besides being a useful staff appreciation gift, these tumbler giveaways also serve as an easy way to promote Pendleton Place when staff members are out and about. “As a nonprofit, whenever we can give something extra to our team, it means so much. Our team works hard all year long and they understand we don’t have a big budget, so little things we can do for them are a big deal. We’re so grateful to 4imprint for giving us this one by one grant. The best way I could put it is to say: The tumblers keep the coffee warm for the people warming up the hearts and lives of these youth and families,” says Maertens.

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