San Antonio Pets Alive!, Recipient

Every year, around 5,000 homeless dogs and cats are rescued from the streets and saved from being euthanized by rescue organization San Antonio Pets Alive!. Its main focus is saving animals from the city shelter that are slated to be euthanized. For many of these animals, San Antonio Pets Alive! is truly their last chance. Through foster, adoption and other programs, thousands of animals’ lives are saved every year. And this year, San Antonio Pets Alive! is using pet giveaway items to raise funds and awareness. Saving two lives at a timeSmiling woman holding a chihuahua wearing a green collar and leash. A pet accessory bag is on her lap. With more than 1,000 foster parents caring for thousands of animals every year, fostering is the heart of San Antonio Pets Alive!. Fostering is a great way to get involved in animal rescue. Opening your heart and home saves two lives—the animal being fostered and the animal that now has a space at the shelter. Foster homes offer a much more comfortable stay for a dog or cat than a kennel. San Antonio Pets Alive!’s adoption program, complete with adoption counselors, facilitates close to 3,000 adoptions every year. What’s more, the organization partners with more than 110 rescues across the U.S. and Canada. San Antonio Pets Alive! has its own transportation program. A van full of wagging tails drives to northern states, dropping off dogs and cats at partnering rescue organizations. Last year, more than 100 dogs were transported to Wisconsin shelters that had openings. Many animals arrive requiring medical care. San Antonio Pets Alive! cares for and treats animals at its own medical care center. The clinic is one of only three in the state to purposefully treat puppies infected with the parvo virus. In addition, it treats heartworm, performs surgeries and specializes in helping foster parents care for neonatal kittens and puppies. Raising funds with pet giveaways San Antonio Pets Alive! raises funds by hosting a silent auction. It was looking for additional fun items to include. Thanks to a 4imprint one by one® grant, the organization received pet accessory travel bags to include in its auction. “There are many animals that need our help all over. It’s absolutely incredible what our team does every single day. They’re boots on the ground, working so hard. The pet accessory travel bags are another way to help raise funds and keep saving animals’ lives,” said Alexis Moore, senior director of development and marketing at San Antonio Pets Alive!.

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