Sweetser, Recipient

When Paul, a young boy from a troubled home, began struggling in life, he started attending the Sweetser Eslie J. Parquette School in the morning before regular school. This “special purposes” school incorporates experiential learning and real-life skills. Paul’s woodworking and farm teacher made an especially big impact on him—32 years later, Paul still remembers how much he helped him. Serving 20,000 children, adults and families throughout Maine, Sweetser has been offering mental and behavioral health services since 1828. With promotional product giveaways, Sweetser is helping Maine residents become aware of who they are and how they can help. Helping the whole familySmiling woman outside holding four clear branded tumblers with straws. Mental health conditions are common, and these issues have dramatically increased since the pandemic. Sweetser wants to take away the stigma around asking for help. It also aims to raise awareness that genuine support is accessible. Everything Sweetser does leads back to getting someone what they need to support their mental health at the right moment. Sweetser helps the whole family in all stages of life, from early intervention for children to support for the elderly who are reaching out for help for the first time. It provides a hotline, crisis stabilization units, therapy and counseling and much more. Sweetser is integrated in more than 100 schools. If a teacher notices a student struggling, Sweetser can start the process and work with the child and their family to determine the best way to help. The Sweetser “special purpose” school is for children who struggle with mental and behavioral health. This life-changing program provides immersive experiences for kids and teaches them skills, such as caring for animals (including baby lambs), cooking, working on vehicles and even tapping maple syrup. Treatment is tailored to each individual. Sweetser is also integrated primary care. When someone talks to their doctor about something as simple as lack of sleep due to anxiety, their doctor can immediately connect them with a professional, right there in the office. Promo product giveaways show help is within arm’s reach Mental health needs are ever prevalent. Sweetser staff wants to get their name in front of as many eyes as possible to share that nearby help is available to anyone in Maine. After receiving a one by one® grant, the organization ordered branded polo shirts and cups with straws. “Our overall goal with these promotional product giveaways is for someone to see our logo and ask, ‘What is that? Can you tell me about that?’ That way, more people can find out we’re right here in their own backyard. These giveaways are a beautifully branded way for us to potentially start countless more conversations with someone who needs help or who has a family member who needs help,” said Kelly Thayer, development officer.

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