Woolwich Counselling Centre, Recipient

Woolwich Counselling Centre recently held its second annual Mental Health Move-A-Thon to raise awareness and funds for mental health in Woolwich and Wellesley Townships in Ontario, Canada. The nonprofit rewarded participants with stainless steel water bottles. Awareness and Engagement Coordinator Shweta Satyan views the increased need for services as a positive result of efforts to reduce the stigma around mental health and the organization’s mission to help people of all ages navigate life’s challenges. Social isolation during the pandemic also contributed to a need for more services, which prompted organizers to think creatively when developing this new fundraiser.Woman holding a green water bottle with a logo. “We didn’t want to require people to gather in large groups, like for a walk-a-thon or a race,” Satyan said. “We also wanted people to share the story of Woolwich Counselling Centre with their family, friends and neighbours, and tell them that caring for their mental health is as important as their physical health. So, we created an event that highlights the importance of both.” Promotional stainless steel water bottles are ideal rewards for Move-A-Thon Participants, called “movers” in the Mental Health Move-A-Thon, shared the mission of Woolwich Counselling Centre and asked their supporters to make a donation for every 1 kilometer of activity. The activities included walking, running and biking—anything that got their bodies moving—during Mental Health Week, which was May 1-7, 2023, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association. “The movers really appreciated receiving the water bottles as a thank-you for their efforts,” Satyan said. “They were a perfect tie-in with the event, since we were asking them to do physical activity while raising awareness and donations for mental health.”

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