One Day Niche, Recipient

One Day Niche helps people with cognitive disabilities who are too high-functioning to qualify for most disability programs, yet too low-functioning to have a job or attend college. Some of the people served are also non-verbal, or somewhat non-verbal, and may struggle to stay on task for more than 15 minutes. Hat giveaways play a small part in the organization’s mission to help everyone feel a sense of belonging. Building belonging, one activity at a timeCollage of table cover, person wearing a baseball cap and a large group outdoors. The people served by One Day Niche are often left out of programs or miss out on opportunities because there’s little designed for their specific needs. Therefore, many of these individuals have little to do daily—until One Day Niche steps in. One Day Niche provides opportunities for individuals to engage with their communities and develop independence. Participants learn life skills, rather than job skills, so they can enjoy a more meaningful life. Skills include cooking, cleaning and basic household maintenance. Participants also enjoy regular outings, volunteering and activities that help build social skills and self-confidence. They visit museums and gardens, go horseback riding and attend sports games. For someone who’s had minimal or no prior similar experiences, participating in these activities can be life changing. In a safe and supportive environment, participants can develop communication skills and build confidence. By providing a community and a purpose, One Day Niche fills a gap for people who need it most. Shading heads and warming hearts with hat giveaways Many of One Day Niche’s activities are outdoors. Staff wanted to give participants something of their own that is also useful. Thanks to a one by one® grant, staff, who knew exactly what they wanted to get, ordered baseball hat giveaways for everyone. “The baseball caps not only shade our heads, but they also give our participants a sense of ownership and belonging. It’s small things like this that make a big difference in how people feel,” said Alison Haraburda, founder. “We’re so happy to have our own logoed gear and it really helps everyone feel even more included.”

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