Shiney Hiney Diaper Pantry, Recipient

A young mother struggling to make ends meet is faced with the impossible choice of buying diapers or putting food on the table. It’s a choice no parent should have to make, but for too many families, it’s a harsh reality. That’s where the Shiney Hiney Diaper Pantry comes in. A beacon of hope for parents who are low-income, teenage, underprivileged or without a home, the Shiney Hiney Diaper Pantry provides supplies, especially diapers, for new moms. Carrying hope at the ‘Diaper Disco’ Every year, Shiney Hiney staff hosts a much-anticipated mommy-and-me dance. The organization sponsors several pregnant attendees at the event and loads them up with diapers, clothes and other baby essentials. Staff noticed a slight dilemma: The moms have only two hands to carry all the wonderful goodies. To solve the problem, staff applied for a one by one® grant, which allowed them to order tote bag giveaways to help moms carry their gifts. “When we help a struggling parent, we’re not just handing out diapers. We’re providing support, building relationships and spreading joy. We’re making a difference in the lives of families who need it most,” said Tiawona Osborne-Davis, founder. Showering support with tote bag giveaways stuffed full of supplies Shiney Hiney staff work with partner agencies, such as domestic violence shelters. For parents who are starting from scratch, in a new home with very few supplies, buying diapers is difficult. By helping keep their little ones clean and comfy, Shiney Hiney provides some stability during tough times. This year, staff is throwing a baby shower for six expectant mothers. Shiney Hiney provides big gifts, like Pack ’n Play® playpens and car seats, while other organizations donate smaller items. In addition to receiving much-needed supplies, moms see how deeply other people care about them and their children.

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