Clare’s House, Recipient

An older adult wanted to adopt a dog but hesitated due to his age. He mentioned this to his niece, Terry Economos, who helped him see there was no reason he couldn’t give a dog a loving home. From that encounter, a thought took root in Terry’s mind—the idea that “your dog will be taken care of.” This sparked the foundation of Clare’s House, an organization with an unwavering commitment to keep pets and their owners together. At a much-anticipated yearly event, thank-you promotional items added extra oomph.Photo collage of multiple pet dogs and a branded water bottle cover. Keeping pets and their people together Clare’s House is a haven built on the belief that no one should miss out on the joy of pet companionship due to age or temporary challenges. Clare’s House isn’t a shelter. Instead, it fills a crucial gap in pet care. “When someone temporarily can’t take care of their pet, like maybe they have a health setback or a life circumstance that makes it difficult, we take care of their pet for them,” explains Lori Schonebaum, communications manager. “We call it TLC—Temporary Loving Caregiving.” Fully operated by volunteers, Clare’s House also offers a foster program where volunteers open their homes to pets until the owners can get back on their feet. Whether it’s a few days or several months, volunteers work hard to ensure the bond between pet and owner remains intact. The organization’s Golden Leash Program is another invaluable service, providing support that allows owners with physical limitations to keep their pets at home. “If someone breaks a leg and can’t walk their dog or is unable to manage other responsibilities like vet visits or grooming, we step in to help,” Schonebaum continued.

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