GiveNKind, Recipient

GiveNKind is a unique nonprofit that helps other nonprofits. Even though it has existed for 12 years, many people still don’t know about it. Emily Petway, Person loading goods into back of van.founder and executive director, was grateful to receive a one by one grant to purchase branded rack cards and envelopes for a nonprofit mailing to promote awareness. “We needed materials that explained our concept and that we could use as a leave-behind at speaking events,” said Petway. “These pieces elevated our mission by professionally presenting us, and that’s enduring.” First nonprofit mailing increases donations “We also used the materials to do our first mailing campaign and increased our donations 33% during the giving season,” Petway said. “The grant helped boost our organization at just the right time in our growth to really matter.” Four months ago, GiveNKind moved into a new facility, expanding its warehouse space by 90%. The organization takes in surplus and donated goods, which requires an army of volunteers to sort the items and make them available to registered nonprofits in Chicagoland. It’s a win-win. Participating businesses can unload items they would either have to liquidate or incinerate; in turn, they get a tax write-off. Nonprofits receive items they need—or can provide to those they serve—without having to take money away from programming. How nonprofits work with GiveNKind Nonprofits can see available items online. They pay a small administrative fee to place an order; then they can either pick it up at the GiveNKind warehouse in Buffalo Grove or have the order delivered for a small fee. GiveNKind currently works with 550 nonprofit partners in Chicagoland. “We work with all sizes of nonprofits and many causes,” Petway said. “The smallest is run by one woman who knows every refugee she is helping and each of her volunteers. We also work with large organizations, like the YWCA. You can love all types of nonprofits, and all of them are served by our mission. It’s great to be able to help everyone.”