Bay Area Council on Drugs & Alcohol, Inc.


Bay Area Council on Drugs & Alcohol, Inc., Recipient

Hundreds of American flags span the horizon of Walter Hall Park in League City Texas each November. Each flag represents one life lost to drinking and driving in the state the previous year.

The event, known as The Healing Field®, is sponsored by the Bay Area Council on Drugs & Alcohol, Inc. (BACODA), an organization that helps individuals, families and communities stop drug and alcohol addiction.

"The Healing Field is a community event designed to raise awareness, but also to bring together family members and friends who have lost loved ones in such a tragedy. The event really helps to draw people together and provides a sense of healing, a sense of closure." says BACODA's Events Coordinator Tonya Mathis.

As she continues to describe the event, Mathis recalls a specific experience at The Healing Field, "A team of young men from the Seaborne Corps had come to help with the installation of the flags. As I walked with them, I asked the young men, 'Do you know what this is all about? Do you know what the numbers represent?'" They did not, so she explained the significance of each flag. At that, a seventeen-year old from the group slowed his steps, reached over, touched one of the flags and said, "ma'am, three of these flags are for my friends."

The Healing Field is just one of the ways BACODA educates the community and provides care and healing to those affected by drug and alcohol addiction. During community education events they love to create awareness for their cause and their logo by handing out literature from a table adorned with a imprinted tablecloth made possible through 4imprint®'s one by one® program.

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